“We all become educated and knowledgeable in the very different areas that specifically touch our lives. I believe if we then become “educators” and enable and empower others to understand those issues, without anger or pain influencing what we share, but influenced by a willingness to enlighten and educate others, then we have the power to make amazing ripples that spread far and wide. Then others who say things in complete naivety, begin to open their eyes and are open to listen and learn. If we all become non defensive educators, we can begin to eradicate other people’s fear of difference and make the world a better place! You and your beautiful family are an example of those who educate and positively influence others every day!” Natalie

“Honest, raw and so emotionally intelligent. Most of us have no idea what a true life investment adoption is. She describes how important it is to help their children find their own positive identities through the (sensitive) truth.” Alana

“I’ll leave the poetic words to you but this brought tears to me eyes. You are such an inspiration. Your writing is honest raw and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!” Sarah M

“Another amazing read… you write so eloquently & from the very depths of your heart; it’s impossible not to be moved by your words 😊😊

Your children are all very lucky to have such an awesomely amazing Mummy (& Daddy!!)” Kelly